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Shroom is an invite only social network app for curious and cool people who are explorers, wonderers and people with ideas they want to share with like minded people.

The App

This project was one of the exciting ones. Not only because it was for a social platform, but also because I managed to try out a lot of different things. That was the very first project I managed to use Zeplin and the ease with which I created all the guidelines was remarcable. Because of that I had bunch of time exploring transitions and luckily everyone loved what happened with that app.

The concept behind the app was that people love sharing their experiences or ideas, but you also don't want always to speak out loud from your name. We wanted it to be a place where people could share their ideas with people who understand them or like what they do. That's where the name came from - "shh" and "room" which both emphasise on things you share with people close to you. One of the features is that actually you can post anonimously.

Why was it different

Shroom was similar to many other apps, but also completely different. The different part was the challenging one. I'd like to talk about two of them.

The first one is the explore screen. We wanted to be able to explore people and hashtags, but also be able to see trending stories. The algorithm is different then in the other apps. You wouldn't be bombarded only by the people you follow, but you'd be shown mainly the trending and hot stories. The explore screen had to be just much more. It combines discovery as well as inviting new people.

The second interesting part was creating the share screens. In Shroom you're not only able to share photos, but you can also write shrot quotes, tag people and add stories to them.

You can also share it with a specific group. The share screen had to be rethinked as well as how it appears in a card. We picked couple of colours that a user can choose from for the background of the quote card and switching between photo and text is seamless and easy.

Main Screens

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