A Year in Numbers


With that project we wanted to reach out to part of our current customer base, show what they achieved in a year and how important they are to us.

The Idea

The idea behind these newsletters was to make people stop for a while and think about what they have accomplished in the past year. We thought we'll show some data, but data is always more fun when compared to something. So that's what we did. For each client we made comparisons based on their business. Wimbledon was tennis, Formula-E was pit stops and cars...

In addition to that we wanted to share with them how well we've performed thanks to them, so we made a special Christmas version too. We wanted to make it engaging too. People could share each one of these newsletters to Facebook or Twitter.

What I really enjoyed doing was all the artwork as well as creating a nice responsive grid for the newsletter itself, which we actually still use for our weekly sendouts.

Thanks a billion

The end of that campaign was a newsletter to thank all of our customers and shout out for our first billion impressions on the Grabyo platform. It was a great end of the project, not only because it was a lot of fun, but also because it was featured on Really Good e-mails as well as on Good e-mail copy. What I learned from that project is that even small things do matter. I also learned some interesting facts from the analysing the e-mails. Apparently if you use a gif image you have a higher chance to get the user to click on the cta. Also because the e-mail was so much appriciated it actually gave some free and valuable PR for Grabyo.

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