Grabyo Mobile

Mobile App

Grabyo Mobile is part of the Grabyo Studio ecosystem, delivering flexibility to shoot moments and events as they happen and share out to Grabyo Studio campaigns or straight to social media on the go.

The App

Grabyo Mobile was created with one single goal - giving users the ability to share moments straight from the place they happen. With that in mind we created two modes inside the app - Grabyo vor VIPs and Grabyo for clients.

VIP is for sharing videos with your social audience across Twitter and Facebook from your phone. Fans get closer to the action: behind the scenes moments, exclusives, breaking news and events all shared in real time.

The other more interesting aspect of Grabyo Mobile is the one for clients. Users with different roles like journalists or video creators save videos to campaigns and then moderators would pick the best and share out trough Grabyo Studio.

The Interesting Bits

At first sight Grabyo Mobile doesn't look too different from other apps, but in reality there are couple of cases that were challinging and really rewarding to work on. The first one was Mentions - which is tagging multiple social credentials into a single mention in a post. As that was quite a challenge on desktop, it was a whole different beast on mobile.

The second interesting part was creating the camera. As we support vertical mouse tracking on desktop, we had to come up with an idea of having vertical square and landscape video recording and stitching. Now that may sound easy, but apps like Instragram solved the problem by using only square. That wasn't an option for us, especially considering live streaming on mobile to studio, so to get it working we went trough a lot of iterations and user testings... maybe too many.

The third and last case I want to talk about is fast account switching. Again sounds easy, but it wasn't. We had to consider not only the two modes that you have (VIP and Mobile Studio) but also all the social credentials that are linked to them, meaning that we had to rething the whole login process, how accounts are listed and make sure noone is confused at the end of the day.

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