Fingerprint was part of an revamp project for a dashboard, monitoring drivers and their insurrance policies, as well as their behaviour.

The Goal

The main goal was making Fingerprint a bit easier to use and lift up it's look. Making it easy to filter through information and having everything organised and easy to access was really important.

I decided to use cards as it's the best way of organising information into blocks. It was also really important when you select a profile to be really easy to get the right information for a specific person - his driving behaviour, what cover he usually gets etc. That also helps the company to send optimal proposals and accurate prices for their insurrance.

The Concept

As a continuation of that project they had an idea of creating a hub where people could compare insurances (e.g. Compare the market, Budget), but in a more personal way. That helps not only each driver to get a better deal, but would give the insurrer a better idea about that person. Data means better predictions... and they know that.

It all matters - from the car you hope do drive one day to the favourite song you most listen to - it all gives extra idea about how dangerous or careful a driver can be.

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